Cork Grips Thoroughstitch Review

July 28, 2014

A little late (on our part), but better than never.....   Cork Grips recently did a short, but insightful review on our Pop Over Shawl Shirt, even more insightful are the excellent photos taken. Have a look over at the site for the review/photos as well as his refreshing take on menswear, products and of course cycling...... cork-grips.com     X X X Continue Reading →

"The Most Attractive Uniform Ever Created"

June 27, 2014

A very bold statement and a very bold look using very bold Cramerton Army Cloth Fabric, actually the "Well Known Cramerton Army Cloth used by the Government for Army Uniforms."   These images were taken from an old 1930s catalog.  It's interesting to note the bottom paragraph on the second image explaining why the Cramerton Cloth garments cost more.  The "Lower Priced Army Cloth" pants on the page that followed are over a $1 cheaper than the Cramerton ones, which sounds minimal, but is actually a third of the price of the $2.98 Cramerton Army Cloth Version.       Get yourself a pair of American Made Cramerton Army Cloth Trousers in our shop and enjoy the best in Classic... Continue Reading →

Interesting Short Read on Cramerton Army Cloth

June 18, 2014

Interesting short read on Cramerton Army Cloth featured on Gilt Manual.  See here:   http://www.gilt.com/giltmanual/2012/01/know-your-terms-cramerton-army-cloth/   "It was the first in a run of Type 1 Army Cloth, a khaki-colored, tough-as-nails answer to the olive drab “doughboy” uniforms of WWI—garments that, aside from fading and degrading over time, proved so unpopular after the war that whole stockpiles had to be junked by the military." Continue Reading →