Saturday afternoon "Dad Style" Listening...

August 23, 2014

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Proud To Announce Barley Harvest Season....

August 17, 2014

We're very proud to announce our partnership with Barley Harley Season (http://bhs-nyc.com) as our "official" partner in Japan. We've known of BHS and their standards of quality products for many years now. BHS has a long history of only carrying products that they truly believe in and that hold a magical quality.  They are known in Japan for bringing to market American products that are still made the same way they were 50+ years ago and unknown to most.  Products such as Quoddy Moccasins, Arrow Moccasins, Ortega's Weavings, etc.  We're happy BHS understands our vision and we understand theirs as well.  If in Tokyo in the next month please visit their presentation of our products at the below location/date: Continue Reading →

Cramerton Army Cloth

August 03, 2014

  Cramerton Type 1 Army Cloth was first manufactured in 1929 for the US Army by Cramerton Mills. Cramerton Mills was based in Cramerton, NC, which was a town created specifically for textile mills and the workers who worked in them.  The Mill had been around since 1906, originally known as Mayes Mill, the name was changed in 1922 to Cramerton based on the then current controller of the company Stuart W. Cramer. Cramerton Cloth's development was undoubtedly influenced by the son of the mill's owner Stuart Cramer Jr., who was an officer in the US Army during that time and wanted to find a better alternative to the scratchy, uncomfortable Doughboy uniforms of WWI.  Cramerton Army Cloth became the... Continue Reading →